Research Paper Chapter 1

Topics: Solanaceae, Solanum, Eggplant Pages: 10 (1703 words) Published: February 2, 2015
The Feasibility of Eggplant (Solanum melongena) as Household Cleaner and Disinfectant

Kurt Michael Cabarles
Noreli Gravines
Roselle Ariana Quintos
Kristia Rago
Gerlain Jane Ramirez
Camille Angelique Taborlupa

Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements in Research II

Taguig Science High School

December 2, 2013

Ms. Janeth G. Mamansag

Chapter I:
Household cleaner and disinfectant is widely used in the world because of its effectiveness in helping clean the environment and surroundings from microorganisms such as germs, bacteria and viruses that cause sickness to people. Many companies introduce varieties of household cleaner and disinfectant that eliminate microorganisms effectively. Oxalic acid and Phenolic acid are commonly found in household cleaner and disinfectant because they are the main ingredients in the elimination of the said microorganisms. Household cleaner and disinfectant nowadays are really expensive and contain many chemicals that might cause irritation to sensitive people.

Eggplant (Solanum melongena) is a species of nightshade commonly known in British English as aubergine and also known asbrinjal, brinjal eggplant, melongene, or guinea squash. It bears a fruit of the same name that is widely used in cooking, most notably as an important ingredient in dishes such as moussaka and ratatouille. As a member of the genus Solanum, it is related to both the tomato and the potato. It was originally domesticated in India from the wild nightshade, the thorn or bitter apple, S. incanum. Oxalic acid and Phenolic acid occurs naturally in some plants including eggplant.

Since eggplant contains Oxalic acid and Phenolic acid which are the main ingredients in producing household disinfectant and cleaner the researchers came up with the idea on producing organic household cleaner and disinfectant out of eggplant. This product will help people that are sensitive in some products that contain high chemicals that irritate them. It will be cheaper than other commercially manufactured household cleaner and disinfectant that are sold in the market today.

Background of the Study
Nowadays, people have using different household disinfectant and cleaner that are expensive and less effective.This study aims to determine whether the Eggplant (Solanum melongena) has the ability to be a good source of oxalic and phenolic acid which are commonly used components for making household disinfectants and cleaners.

Eggplant (Solanum melongena) is rich in different vitamins that are useful in fighting diseases. Aside from being useful in fighting diseases, eggplants are also a rich sources of phenolic acid that function as antioxidants which also contains a so-called chlorogenic acid. This is responsible for the eggplants' bitter taste when their flesh is cut. This is an enzyme called polyphenol oxidase that triggers a phenolic acid that produces brown pigments. Eggplant is among a small number of foods that contain measurable amounts of oxalates, a naturally occurring substances found in plants, animals, and human beings. When oxalates become too concentrated in body fluids, they can crystallize and cause health problems. But this oxalates is can also be used as cleaning purposes having a bleach-like quality that is perfect for making household disinfectant or control bacteria and germs. Overall, using eggplant in making household disinfectants and cleaners has benefits since it contain properties that can be used as an agent for cleaning.

Research Problem:
The study aims to determine the anti-bacterial properties of Oxalic acid and Phenolic acid of eggplant (Solanum melongena) .
Sub- Problem:
What is the zone of inhibition of the Blended and Boiled eggplant extract? Which is more feasible to use as a disinfectant? Blended or Boiled eggplant extract? Is the eggplant extract feasible to use as a Household Cleaner? Why?

Alternative: The oxalic acid and...
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