Investigatory Project

Topics: Radish, Brassicaceae, Daikon Pages: 4 (870 words) Published: July 8, 2012
Investigatory Project Pesticide from Radish Extract
A. Background of the Study

Radish is an annual herb widely grown for its edible fleshy, hot tasting roots maybe red, white or purple. Every part of the root or the plant can be used in different ways. The leaves and the roots are eaten raw in salads. Likewise, it can be cooked or mix with meat to satisfactory attain its delicious taste. Aside from food, it is dried for juice extraction. Radishes were probably native to China. It was developed from a live plant that grows in the cooler region of Asia. It spread to the Mediterranean region before the Greek era and was introduced into the new world early in the 16th century. Radishes grow in Asia, Europe and America. It was the favorite of the ancient Egyptians, Greek and Chinese. There is a little food value in the radish. It is use chiefly as a relish or to decorate salads. Radishes are the easiest of all garden vegetables to grow, but they should be given in a good rich soil. The first seed must be sown as soon as the ground is workable and not too cold for the seed to germinate. B. Objectives

To produce pesticide out of radish extract.
C. Statement of the Problem
What is the effect of radish extract as pesticide on certain pests? D. Hypothesis
There is no significant difference in using this natural pesticide from radish extract.

E. Importance of the Study
In choosing this project, we wanted to contribute knowledge in maintaining the good health of vegetable plants by using a pesticide out of radish extract. It maybe helpful in livelihood by producing good crops. The harvest can be sold to market as an additional income. It can also minimize the number of planters who used chemical which are found distractive to the environment. F. Scope and Limitation

This study focused on the utilization of the extract from radish as pesticide against different kind of pests like worms, ants and aphids. Experimentation was done in...
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