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The Impact of Job Satisfaction on Job Performance : An Empirical Analysis M. D. PUSHPAKUMARI
Employee attitudes are important to management because they determine the behavior of workers in the organization. The commonly held opinion is that “A satisfied worker is a productive worker”. A satisfied work force will create a pleasant atmosphere within the organization to perform well. Hence job satisfaction has become a major topic for research studies. The specific problem addressed in this study is to examine the impact of job satisfaction on performance. It considered which rewards (intrinsic and extrinsic) determine job satisfaction of an employee. It also considered influence of age, sex and experience of employees on level of job satisfaction. In addition it investigated in most satisfying event of an employee in the job, why employees stay and leave the organization. Data were collected through a field survey using a questionnaire from three employee groups, namely Professionals, Managers and Non-managers from twenty private sector organizations covering five industries. The analysis data revealed that there exists positive correlation between job satisfaction and performance of employees. Key words : Job satisfaction, Rewards, Effort, Performance

Attainment of a high level performance through productivity and efficiency has always been an organizational goal of high priority. In order to do that highly satisfied work force is an absolutely necessity for achieving a high level of performance advancement of an organization. Satisfied worker leads to extend more effort to job performance, then works harder and better. Thus every organization tries to create a satisfied work force to operate the well- being of the organization. However, the total organizational performance depends on efficient and effective performance of individual employees of the organization. Therefore, every organization places a considerable reliance on their individual employee performance to gain high productivity in the organization. Employee effort is an important factor that determines an individual performance will be. When an employee feels a satisfaction about the job, he/she is motivated to do grater effort to the job performance. Then it tends to increase the overall performance of the organization. In other words, a satisfied individual employee and his effort and commitment are crucial for the successfulness of the organization. Therefore, the address research problem of this study is that ; Is there an impact of job satisfaction on employee performance ?

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In literature, it is evidenced that there is a relationship between job satisfaction and performance of employees. However, this study is aimed to assess the validity of this relationship from Sri Lankan working environment. Therefore, the specific objectives of this study are ・ To determine whether there is a positive relationship between the job satisfaction and performance of employee. ・ To find out whether the employees derive job satisfaction from extrinsic job rewards or from intrinsic job rewards. ・ To find out the most satisfying event of an employee in the job and why employees stay in the job and leave the organization. ・ To identify the influence of experience, age and sex on job satisfaction of employees. Within this paper, it is presented the literature review related to the study, research methodology which is applied, results and discussion, conclusions drawn from the study, suggestions and recommendations and areas for further research.

2.Literature Review
2.1 Concepts of Job Satisfaction, Rewards and Performance In this part it defines the major concepts involved in problem statement of the study. These concepts are job satisfaction, performance and organizational rewards. It is the general understanding that job satisfaction is an attitude towards job. In other words job satisfaction is an...

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The Impact of Job Satisfaction on Job Performance(PUSHPAKUMARI) 105
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