Research in Motion (Rim)

Topics: Research In Motion, BlackBerry, Small business Pages: 2 (762 words) Published: January 12, 2013
Heather Vondervoort
Mr. Wisternoff
Sunday November 18, 2012
Research In Motion
1) After RIM’s fall over the past few years, they have brought in a new man to be CEO and Barbara Stymiest is taking over as chair. The reaction to the choice to make Thorsten Heins the new CEO was seen as too little too late. People don’t feel that Heins will be able to shake up the company enough to make a big enough change. They are hoping the new phone coming out from Blackberry called BB 10 will do well. They have a lot riding on this, it is an all touch screen phone. I think this will be good to compete with the younger generation but the average blackberry user likes the blackberry for business purposes and the keyboard most say is easier for that. The advertising for this phone will have to be huge to bring back the former RIM users. Doing some research on it, it sounds like they are trying to incorporate all three of their main competitors and making sure this phone is personalized to each user.

2) RIM is in danger from Apple, Android, and Windows phones that are taking up a big chunk in the markets. This leads to RIM designing its new operating system; Black Berry 10 that has been cleared by security. RIM has also been having troubles with delivery delays, for example the four day long delay in the EMEIA area, that is dealing with BBM and other areas when you have problems with your phone. Another threat to RIM is to its business aspect. RIM is popular in the business world for its capabilities as a business phone, but different phone companies are adding to their phones abilities and are a risk to that territory. In the blackberry aspect the app world is not nearly as advanced as Apple and Andriod products. Most importantly Blackberry products only show there true potential for the business usage if you have the Blackberry enterprise software installed. So if you are with a small business thinking it is a great work phone it may not be all you are...
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