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What were some of the challenges that RIM faced to protect its intellectual property, and how did RIM handle those challenges?
RIM vs. Glenayre Technologies, Inc.
* This claim, a response to an earlier suit brought forth by Glenayre, insisted that Glenayre blatantly imitated BlackBerry technology and marketing. * Later in 2001, Glenayre's initial 1999 patent suit against RIM was dismissed. In early 2002 RIM and Glenayre agreed to drop their remaining lawsuits and work together to develop a wireless e-mail device that would incorporate Glenayre's messaging software. RIM vs. Handspring (makers of the Palm Treo).

* RIM was forced to protect its Intellectual Prope
* September 16, 2002, Research in Motion was awarded a patent pertaining to keyboard design on hand-held e-mail devices. Upon receiving the patent, it proceeded to sue Handspring over its Treo device. * Handspring eventually agreed to license RIM's patent and avoid further litigation in November of the same year. Legal action between NTP and RIM over the intellectual property. * RIM resolved the action.

* To protect its intellectual property, RIM agreed to pay $612.5 million to NTP Inc. to settle the fight. * Under the agreement, RIM received rights to NTP's patents going forward. RIM made a one-time payment to NTP. * RIM and NTP briefly agreed to settle the case for $450 million in March of 2005, but that deal later fell through. RIM thought the companies had come to a final agreement, but NTP believed the matter had never been finalized, and the litigation continued. What were some of the industry factors that influenced RIM?

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