Research Critique

Topics: Lung cancer, Smoking cessation, Tobacco smoking Pages: 2 (684 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Part 1, Research Critique
Nithin Mathew
Nursing Research NRS 429 v
February 03, 2012

. The critical appraisal in research widens understanding, provide a back ground for the study and improve practice. The qualitative studies in critical appraisal include logic conclusions; assess significance and the consistency of the methods to research

. According to Zang and Wynder ‘‘the family members who smoke increases the risk of exposure to second hand smoke, access to cigarettes and difficulty of cessation of efforts in patients may cause anger and resentment towards the family members.’ This article describes the qualitative study of the patients who had lung cancer and the interaction towards family members who continue the smoking. The result of lung cancer diagnosis, the patients felt over burden and stress. Patients are dealing with their efforts to quit smoking. Continued smoking of family members may cause worry and distress in some patients. This may be due to part of their control belief. The study reveals the importance and need to control the use of tobacco among the family members. It affects the family relationships. The aim of the literature is to find out the influence of lung cancer diagnosis among families with smoking habits. Lung cancer patients experienced significant amount of distress and they couldn’t realize continued smoking of family members. The research question used in this study was perspective regarding diagnosis and smoking and systems of interaction for future suggestions. The findings of the study was limited by a small group. The grounded theory methods were used in the descriptive qualitative study. . Participants were people those who have lung cancer and the members of the family with smoking habit. The study sample included eight...
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