Research Business Plan for Hk Disneyland

Topics: Tokyo Disney Resort, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, The Walt Disney Company Pages: 3 (862 words) Published: February 5, 2012
To realize the plan's goals, the following three basic policies have been established. 1. Strengthening our core business (Tokyo Disney Resort) to increase profit. a. Enhancing quality
We will enhance the quality of the Guests' experience at the Parks, and will strengthen our efforts toward achieving maximum customer satisfaction (CS). To realize this, we believe it is also necessary to enhance the work environment of our Cast Members (ES: employee satisfaction), and will strengthen our management to achieve this end. These efforts will be combined with various events that will take place in the fiscal year ending March 2009, such as the "Tokyo Disney Resort 25th Anniversary� campaign, the opening of the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel and the opening of the permanent Cirque du Soleil theater. Thus, we will enhance Guest experiences by strengthening our services and by providing increased programs and facilities at the Resort. b. Clarifying our targets

We will clarify our target customer segments, and will develop programs that meet the needs of individual Guests as well as expanding our market reach, thereby providing a more emotionally satisfying experience to a broader number of Guests. In addition, we will increase our efforts in creating programs that will guarantee attendance without being affected by external factors such as the weather, thereby augmenting Park attendance results. c. Increasing cost efficiency

We will increase cost efficiency by containing fixed costs, increasing labor productivity, and reducing costs based on scale merit for the OLC Group, thus realizing profit that is not affected by Park attendance figures. 2. Establishing a foundation for new growth

In order to realize long-term growth for the OLC Group, we will develop new areas of business that create venues beyond the Tokyo Disney Resort that continue our Business Mission of providing "happiness and contentment for our Guests by offering them wonderful dreams and moving experiences.�...
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