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Research I

I. The effectiveness of Malunggay (Moringa Oleifera) as a soap…

II. The Feasibility of Paper to become Furniture…

III. The capability of Talahib (Saccharum spotaneum) to become a rope…


The Effectiveness of Malunggay (Moringa Oleifera) as a Cleaning Agent (Biologically- Based Research)

Chapter 1


A. Background of the Study

In our world, the taste of the chili was not famous to some people because it is spicy, hot,   and very less aroma when eaten but because of its taste it is later on found out that chili was a good mosquito killer because of its pesticidal property while kamias was also used as spice but it was discovered that it has properties such as astringent, stomachic, refrigerant and anti scorbutic. Other researchers use kamias as wine but in this research the proponents was to test the properties of kamias fruit with chili as a mosquito killer.

B. Statement of the Problem
* The researchers aim to study the effect of Malunggay leaves as a cleaning agent of common household stains. * The researchers also aim to study how Malunggay (Moringa Oleifera) will be turned into a cleaning agent.

Essential Questions
* Can the Malunggay leaves be effective of being a Cleaning Agent? * Is there many or few differences between the Malunggay leaves or commercials? * Are the Malunggay leaves capable of replacing commerciality?

C. Hypotheses
* The Malunggay leaves will be effective when cleaning different kinds of stains, dirt, clutters, and bad odors * The Malunggay Cleaning Agent will be a great alternative in cleaning different kinds of surfaces.

D. Significance and Importance of the Research Study
This particular and specific research study can easily contribute to the youth generation, for them to be capable of deriving cleaning agents from different kinds of plants, fruits, vegetables and other great alternatives. It is again for the Youth to develop their resourcefulness by using alternative plants as different functions in life. Research studies like this also develops the value of open-mindedness to young researchers and if landed to the right plant, this will serve as an everyday use to clean common household stains.

E. Scope and Limitations
Our research study is only limited to the Malunggay plant and just the leaves of the Malunggay. This only occurs when the Malunggay leaves are pounded and scrubbed on common and everyday household stains.

F. Definition of Terms
* Cleaning Agent – a fragrant substance, liquid, is used to remove dirt, dusts, stains, bad smells and molds in different kinds of solid surfaces * Malunggay (Moringa Oleifera) – a native plant from India. But rapidly and immediately spread to tropical regions. Malunggay was considered medicinal food, because it is rich in vitamins, nutrients and different kinds of minerals. It is really helpful to those people who are suffering coughs and other diseases.

The Feasibility of Paper to become Furniture
(School- Based Research)

Chapter 1


A. Background of the Study

Paper refers to a flexible material made from pulped rags, woods, and other related things, which is used to write on, wrap in or cover walls; a single sheet of this, an official document, newspaper, essay or lecture, a set of examination questions, personal documents are made of paper.

Paper is a thin material mainly used for writing, printing, drawing or packaging. It is produced by pressing together moist fibers, typically cellulose from woods.

Paper is a versatile material with many uses. Whilst the...
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