water purification

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Water is necessary to life but it can be unhealthy too. In general, the water quality is poor in developing countries like Kenya. Water is a vector of diseases like yellow fever, diarrhea… Water purification is very important in these countries but people don’t have a lot of time to spare, they work or they are in the field and in general women must spend a significant amount of time walking to collect water. So we need to find a quick, easy, and economic solution that is as simple as possible. Sure enough, the numbers are frightening:
 The World Health Organization has estimated that up to 80% of all disease and sickness in the World is caused by inadequate sanitation, polluted water or unavailability of water.
 Waterborne diseases contribute to the death of about 4 million children in the developing countries every year.
 About 1.6 million people are forced to use contaminated water, this is because most of the water sources are polluted with either industrial or domestic waste, thus unfit for use.
But there are solutions:
 Sofowora (1982) reported that Africa has 300,000 medicinal plants and Chang (1993) reported that the world mushroom biodiversity counts 1.5 million species.



1_ Prior knowledge
A) Bacteria
1) Salmonella
2) Shigella
B) Salmonella Shigella Agar
C) Moringa Oleifera a very useful tree
D) The solar disinfection with PET bottle

2_ Study of different methods to purify water
A) Water filtration
1) Study of filtration system with simple and usual things
2) Study of flocculation with Moringa seeds B) Water purification 0) Study about contamination possibilities of the sample
1) Study of power of Moringa to purify the water
2) Test in statistic samples for using of 120 Moringa seeds per liter
3) Study of temperature effect in water purification
4) Study the complementarily of Moringa and high temperature
5) Study of using

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