Republicanism And Liberalism In 18th Century British North America

Topics: Slavery, Atlantic slave trade, British Empire Pages: 4 (993 words) Published: September 29, 2016

He was the founder of the first mission in California, and was famous for converting thousands of Native Americans to Christianity, teaching the Native Americans Spanish, and introducing them to settled agriculture and skilled crafts. Foner writes, “Today, he is being considered by the Catholic Church for elevation to sainthood. But forced labor and disease took a heavy toll among native americans who lived at the missions Serra directed.” (Foner 165)
How did the ideas of republicanism and liberalism differ in 18th century British North America?
Republicanism emphasized an active participation in public life by economically independent citizens. Republicans held that only those with property were virtuous-the willingness to subordinate personal interest to public good. Liberalism was quite the opposite. Foner writes, “Government, he wrote, was formed by mutual agreement among equals… In this ‘social contract’ men surrendered a part of their right to govern themselves in order to enjoy the benefits of the rule of law.” (Foner 153) Both...

The colonial merchants were an important part of the atlantic trading system as they provided finished goods by slave labor to England and other countries. Foner writes, “The first mass consumer goods in international trade were produced by slaves… The rising demand for these products fueled the rapid growth of the Atlantic slave trade… A series of triangular trading routes crisscrossed the Atlantic, carrying British manufactured goods to Africa and the colonies, colonial products including tobacco, indigo, sugar, and rice to Europe, and slaves from Africa to the New World” (Foner 138)
We often consider the impact of the slave trade only on the United States, but its impact extended much further. How did it affect West African nations and society, other regions of the New World, and the nations of...
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