Report on Rahima Afroz Globatt

Topics: Lead-acid battery, Car battery, Rechargeable battery Pages: 20 (4381 words) Published: November 23, 2011


Executive summary
Rahimafrooz Globatt Limited, after one year of establishment has become one of the main focuses of Rahimafrooz group. Still not sufficiently developed to become a true global company but enough potential and performance it has shown last one year. As a lead acid battery manufacturer company from Bangladesh, RGL has many constraints in its journey. One of the major constraints is the manufacturer country – clearly international buyers do not see Bangaldesh as a manufacturer of automotive batteries. But when they visit RGL office and factory it makes them amazed. Still, long way ahead of RGL but first year showed its bright future. All of strengths and weaknesses of the company indicates that RGL is right on the track of becoming a global venture. Each and every departments of RGL is showing the kind of competency and skill which is needed for a company to become successful. The objectives have set depending on the current situation of the company as well as the comparison with market leaders. RGL’s product and price has developed and established on the benchmarking with the big players. Marketing, Finance, HR, Production and other departments have their own objectives as well as a combined objective directly related to the growth of the company. Recruitments and benefits of the employees are kept separate from the group HR which indicates the intention of recruiting competent people in RGL. To reveal international market, marketing department is continuously participating in large international trade fairs and regular market visits of key account managers. RGL’s product has been designed in consultant with a reputed German company and this has been proved that RGL products are better quality products. The Chief Operating Officer, The Head of Marketing and other key members truly believes that RGL will become one of the largest manufacturers of batteries in the world.

Table of contents:
1.1Background of the company
1.6Contact person
2.0Management/Human side
2.2Special facility
2.3Training programme
3.0Production and Marketing
3.3marketing strategy
4.0Accounting and Finance

5.0Corporate social responsibility

Conclusion and recommendation

Table of charts and illustration

List of abbreviations

1.To find the detail information of the departments of RGL
2.To find the opportunities and threats of RGL being the export oriented lead-acid battery manufacturer from Bangladesh 3.To study the organizational structure of RGL and efficient work delegation 4.To observe the emergence of a company with ambitious vision from more than 50 year experienced mother company 5.To study the company strategy and penetration policy for global market 6.To understand the importance of social responsibilities of a company from the activities of Rahimafrooz

1.In financial areas, RGL operates with utmost confidentiality as per their policy. So, given information in this report analyzes the company materials as provided. 2.In some activities, RGL is entirely separated from the Rahimafrooz group or other Strategic Business Units (SBU) of the group. But in some other areas they operate under group supervision. Report contents organized as per their organizational work flow and structure. Clearly in some areas; RGL, RBL (Rahimafrooz Batteries Limited), RDL (Rahimafrooz Distributions Limited) and others work together as Rahimafrooz. 3.As RGL is established in 2008, major focus of the report concentrated of the company information during this period. 4....
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