Value Proposition for the Customers If Analyzed for the Value That Bata Was Providing to Its Customers Their Value Proposition May Be Categorized as Follows. • Reasonable Quality at Low or Reasonable Price • Footwear

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Value Proposition for the Customers If analyzed for the value that Bata was providing to its customers their value proposition may be categorized as follows. • Reasonable quality at low or reasonable price • Footwear for the entire family • Footwear catering to various functional needs e.g. sports, casual footwear, formal-semi formal • Conveniently accessible outlets in various parts of the country • Prior to entry of local players and the Chinese imports, some sort of social visibility could also be associated with Bata, as it was one of the two major brands in the country then. Position of the Firm Variety – Bata although traditionally had product lines catering to the middle class segment of the society, yet recently it had also targeted the higher income segment with certain products. Needs – In terms of the needs, Bata was in a way successful in positioning itself as a brand having stores with products to meet the needs of almost all members of the family, since it had product ranges for children, men, women etc. Access – Bata had positioned itself by employing various distribution channels (retail as well as wholesale) to enhance its access for the customers. Their nationwide retail network was one of their key strengths. Sustainability of the Position Initially Bata as has been elaborated was positioned as brand offering footwear products for the entire family members and for the people belonging to the middle class. But when its management decided to also tap the premium segment of the market, their decision may be categorized as one which cast doubts about the sustainability of Bata’s desired position in the market. Image – In my opinion Bata’s image would be diluted as a result of it pursuing various segments and trying to cater to their needs. Its traditional positioning would also be impacted and there would be chances of Bata not being able to provide an experience fit to its customers as per their expectations. Activities – The sort of activities...
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