Report on Investments of Export Import Bank Bangladesh Limited

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1. Background of the report

After completing two semesters at University of Dhaka, under the Master of Business Administration Curriculum, Mohammad Maruf Islam, author of this report was placed in Export Import Bank of Bangladesh Limited, Shimrail Branch, Shiddirgonj, Narayangonj by the Human Resources Division of EXIM Bank Ltd. as part of the internship program requirement. This report is prepared for the internship program consisting of a major in depth study of the “General Banking Activities of EXIM Bank Limited”.

The internship program exercises a significant importance as it enables a student to familiar with the practical business activities. The students work closing with the people of an organization and learn about the function of that organization. This program enables a student to develop his analytical skill and scholastic aptitude.

Students are required to prepare an internship report under the guidance of supervising teachers on a selected subject matter to highlighting his experience and to conduct an in depth analysis on the subject matter. I have tried my level best to present my experience of the practical orientation in this report.

2. Statement of the problem

Students of MBA program of University of Dhaka are required to undergo an internship program at the end of the final semester. As part of the program, I was placed in EXIM Bank Ltd. Shimrail Branch, Shiddirgonj, Narayangonj for a period of 3 months as an internee. This internship is an orientation to the entire working activities of EXIM Bank Ltd. and a study on operational activities that I can make detail research and present my understanding in the report. From this perspective, on completion of 3 months internship program, I have prepared this report. I highly appreciate this assignment and to do hope that it will play a great role in building my future career. The title of my internship report is “General Banking Activities of EXIM Bank Ltd.”

3. Objective of the study

The internship program, designed to provide the MBA students with an opportunities to obtain on the job training, aims at bringing together the two facts of learning the theoretical and practical. While conducting the study, certain aims should be fulfilled which I believe as the objectives of the study. These are as follows: -

General Objectives

• The general objective of this report is to fulfill the requirement of internship report. • To acquire practical experience in different banking services of EXIM Bank.

➢ Specific Objectives
• To gather knowledge about the transaction of different department of the branch especially in general banking department. • To know about the conventional banking and their operation. • To know about the Islamic banking and their operation.

• The problem- prospects of Islamic bank.
• To study existing banker-customer relationship.
• To identify the problems of financing by EXIM Bank Limited. • To familiar with banking environment, clients, working hours, values, conditions and other things related to bank • To understand the real management situation and to gather practical knowledge. • To analyze the financing system of the bank and to have greater contribution towards country’s economy

4. Limitations of the study

There is a certain boundary to cover this study. To achieve the objective of the study, i.e. through knowledge about the organizational function specially General banking Activities of EXIM Bank Ltd. It was not possible due to shortage of time to cover each and every activity performed by the bank. So the study has covered only the General banking Activities of EXIM Bank Limited.

Like any other articles and theories, this study is not free from limitations. I have tried my level best to overcome these limitations through extensive study, hard and sincere devotion to the assigned duty. The major limitations are:

• I complete my internship in a small town...
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