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Topics: Cell, Protein, Cytoplasm Pages: 1 (281 words) Published: October 7, 2010
What is cytoplasm, you might be wondering? Well actually cytoplasm is very important in our cells, and without it we probably wouldn’t be here today. Cytoplasm is basically the substance that fills the cell. It has a jelly-like material that is eighty percent water and usually clear in color. Remarkably, cytoplasm liquefies when shaken or stirred. Cytoplasm can be referred to as cytosol, which means cell substance. Cytoplasm is the substance where all of the other organelles are suspended and held together by a fatty membrane. The cytoplasm is found inside the cell membrane, surrounding the nuclear envelope and the cytoplasmic organelles. Under a microscope, cytoplasm appears as a three-dimensional lattice of thin protein-rich strands. In other words, cytoplasm is like a fence that is made up of lattes that are connected together. This fence's main purpose is to hold together the organelles within the cytoplasm. Cytoplasm is where the cytoskeleton is, and it’s a network of cytoplasmic filaments that are responsible for the movement of the cell and give the cell its shape. The cytoplasm contains dissolved nutrients and helps dissolve waste products. The cytoplasm helps materials move around the cell by moving and churning through a process called cytoplasmic streaming. Cytoplasm contains many salts, which are electrolytes, and is an excellent conductor of electricity. The function of the cytoplasm and the organelles which sit in it, are critical the cell's survival. You might also be wondering, “What is this so called “cytoplasm” made of?” Well cytoplasm is about eighty percent H2O. Other substances that are include amino acids, nucleic acids, enzymes, carbohydrates, lipids, non-organic ions, and very light molecular compounds.
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