Report on Arrangement of the Exhibition

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Report on Arrangement of The Exhibition & Display The Prepared Items.
The D.T.Ed Teaching Aid Exhibition followed by the Annual day celebration was held on the 28th of April 2012 at St.Teresa’s Junior College of Education. It was a successful event conducted by the combined efforts of our Principal Sr.Louella, the D.T.Ed Teacher trainers, students of the F.Y.D.T.Ed, S.Y.D.T.Ed & not forgetting the non-teaching staff too played an important till the finale! But the preparations for this eventful day started around two weeks in advance.

The Teacher Trainers comprised of:
* Ms.Ruby who as incharged of the singing & Maths Teaching Aid * Ms.Madhu was incharged of a Traditional Polkattu Dance & Hindi Teaching Aid * Ms. Choden was incharged of an English play, “My Fair Lady” * Ms. Kanchan was incharged of the decoration & displaying the articles of Teaching aid exhibition * Sr. Louella was looking at the English Teaching Aid, Guiding & Supervising over all the events. All the events were duly distributed & assigned to different groups of students comprising of the F.Y. & S.Y.D.Ed’s working in unity. The seniors would guide the juniors how to go about arrangement of the exhibition & displaying the arranged items.

The Teaching Aids were asked to be prepared well in advance so that incase it’s not as per standards then the students had to prepare it again. Instructions were given to students to get Sarees, dupattas & bedsheets to decorate the class innovatively which added color to the teaching aid exhibition which was supposed to be held there.

After getting the teaching aids we were asked to place them in a hall on the first floor and arrange them systematically under the supervision of Ms. Kanchan. The teachers appointed certain students and handed over invitation cards and asked them to go to their respective practice teaching schools and invite the school authorities for our exhibition & annual...
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