Unit 213 Provide Displays in Schools

Topics: Philosophy of science, Display device, Causality Pages: 1 (288 words) Published: February 25, 2013
1.2 Unit 213 provide displays in schools

My school‘s policy for displays are to show the children’s work either in the classroom or in the corridors, this will create a sense of achievement and the children will feel valued. This policy show’s rationale and purpose with guidelines for creating displays this also states that the display should create awareness and give clear information on that given subject, all displays should have clear title’s and the work should have a clear tag of pupils name the display should give the pupils a opportunity to learn from other pupils knowledge and experiences i.e. for different cultural races or religious festivals or languages. The children should be asked for suggestions for colour schemes materials that will be used this will get them working together and they will gain hand on experience. The teacher and the t.a or one of them will decide the location of the displays the health and safety of the staff and children will be taken into account when deciding this as putting up a large display in the corridor with things sticking out could cause harm to someone, and to make sure that everything that is going on the display is not going to harm or injure anyone. the display would have to have regular inspections to make sure that nothing has fallen off or is hanging off which could cause someone to trip or walk into causing harm to them or others. As well as all this planning must also be done for when the display has to be dismantled as for the dispose of the materials or if the material can be recycled.
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