Report Of Servicescapes The Impact Of Physical Surroundings On Customers And Employees

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Servicescapes: The Impact of Physical Surroundings on Customers and Employees

What is the Main Objective?

The objective of this article - Servicescapes: The Impact of Physical Surroundings on Customers and Employees- is to integrate theories and empirical findings from diverse disciplines into a framework that describes how to build environment, or what is referred to here as the "servicescape," affects both consumers and employees in service organizations.

Firstly, a typology of service organizations is presented that illuminates important variations in form and usage of the servicescape. Secondly a conceptual framework is offered for explaining environment-user relationships in service organizations, and specific research propositions are advanced. The framework is anchored in the environmental psychology research tradition and also draws together relevant literature in marketing, organizational behavior, human factors/ergonomics, and architecture. Finally, the linkages between the service organization typology and the framework are examined, and key managerial and research implications are discussed.

The mainly theme and objective are discussed by the following items step by step: 1. A Typology of Servicescapes and Conceptual Framework
2. Behaviors in the Servicescape- Individual Behaviors, Social Interactions, Service Topology and Behavior 3. Internal Responses to the Servicescapape- Environment and Cognition, Environment and Emotion, Environment and Physiology 4. Service Typology and Internal Responses and Response Moderators 5. Dimensions of the Servicescape- Ambient Conditions, Spatial Layout and Functionality, Signs, Symbols, and Artifacts, Service Typology and Environmental Dimensions 6. Managerial Implications and Research Implications

What is the Lesson Learn?

Servicescapes is a typology and conceptual framework. It cleared implicate of the model presented is that the physical setting can aid or hinder the accomplishment of both internal organizational goals and external marketing goals.

1. Behaviors in the Servicescape

a. Individual Behaviors
The servicescape can actually influence the degree of success consumers experience m executing their plans once inside. Each individual comes to a particular service organization with a goal or purpose that may be aided or hindered by the setting. b. Social Interactions

Empirical studies confirm the impact of physical setting on the nature of social interaction Behaviors have all been shown to be influenced by environmental conditions c. Service Topology and Behavior

The first step in the purposeful design of the servicescape is to identify desirable customer and/or employee behaviors and the strategic goals that the organization hopes to advance through its physical facility.

2. Internal Responses to the Servicescapape

a. Environment and Cognition
The perceived servicescape may elicit cognitive responses influencing people's beliefs about a place and their beliefs about the people and products found in that place. Variations in environmental cues may also affect employees' beliefs. b. Environment and Emotion

The emotion-eliciting qualities of environments are captured by two dimensions: pleasure-displeasure and degree of arousal. Emotional responses to the environment may be transferred to people and/or objects within the environment. c. Environment and Physiology

The perceived servicescape may also affect people in purely physiological ways. Physical responses may in turn directly influence whether or not people stay in and enjoy a particular environment.

3. Service Typology, Internal Responses and Response Moderators

a. Service Typology and Internal Responses
For interpersonal services, an effective service-scape design anticipates the likely responses of employees...

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