Report About Winterbourne View Hospital

Topics: Abuse, Management, Assault Pages: 2 (658 words) Published: April 3, 2013
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A National response to Winterbourne View Hospital
Department of Health Review: Final Report
In the Ministerial forward to the report care services minister Norman Lamb says that he “like many , felt shock, anger, dismay and deep regret that vulnerable people were able to be treated in such an unacceptable way, and that the serious concern raised by their families were ignored by the authorities for so long” . The report goes on to describe the lessons that must be learned and actions that must be taken to prevent such abuse from occurring again. The report highlights the problems that can arise when people who can, with the right support, live happy lives in the community stay too long in hospitals or residential homes. Report states that as a result of the legal response to the abuse, all 11 individuals charged have pleaded guilty to all the charges and have been sentenced (with custodial sentences for six former staff). The Crown Prosecution Service treated these offences as a disability hate crimes, crimes based on ignorance, prejudice and hate, and brought this aggravating factor to the attention of the court in sentencing. The report states that almost half of the patients at the Winterbourne View were placed far away from their homes. For just under half of the people in the Winterbourne View, the man reason for referral was management of a crisis, which suggest that local response services had failed to plan for crisis adequately. People were staying at Winterbourne View hospital for lengthy periods. The average length of stay at Winterbourne View was around 19 month, but some patients had been there mre then three years. There is little evidence, that their discharge from the hospital was considered an urgent matter. Report states that one of the most striking issues is very high number of recorded physical interventions. Opportunities to pick up poor quality of care were repeatedly missed by multiple agencies, such as NHS A&E...
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