Repellant 101

Topics: Southeast Asia, Islam, Philippines Pages: 1 (258 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Lemon Grass

Lemon grass or Tanglad is a very popular grass found here in the Philippines. It is being cultivated in the country because it is commonly used in making tea, soap and because of its medicinal characteristics. This plant is known in Africa and Asia for its many purposes, even though it was really cultivated and used in India and South East Asia it is now already being cultivated in tropical places of America, Africa, Australia, and the Caribbean. This plant is very essential because it can be made into different herbal products and used as a medicine in lowering fever, colds and in aiding digestion and other stomach problems. Because it is definitely a remedy for fever, in the Caribbean it is also called as the Fever Grass. Lemon grass, its base and leaves, is also a spice that is used in different cuisines because it gives such distinct and unique touch and taste to the food while its essential oil is used in treating different illness. A lemon grass has a long, thin, grey-green leaves which are tough and fibrous is chopped finely for its aroma to come out and yolk with the food. Citral, is an essential oil which is also found in lemon peels is the one responsible for its delightful aroma and taste. Citronella oil which produce menthols has many uses, this includes: making perfume, cosmetics, and as insect repellents. Its obstruction characteristics are also used in preparations for dog and cat control. Source:
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