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Topics: The Mosquito, Insect repellent Pages: 6 (2339 words) Published: November 9, 2013
LANZONES PEEL Samantha Denise Z. Ullita Arces A. Talavera Patricia Sarah V. Poblete Kristina Cassandra S. Tayam Members John Dominic E. Rodriguez Hanz Emmanuel A. Timbre Miguel Joseph P. Tombaga Laya Isabelle O. Sularta Angele Dominique Y. Ponco Princess Izza S. Tiongson Teacher Mrs. Clarissa E. Flores Chapter 1 Introduction A. Background of the Study The group conducted this study because we want to prove that Lanzones peelings have its important use. The team sees its possible use in order for us to make another useful thing just like our product, a mosquito coil (katol). As we all know, a katol is always used as a mosquito repellant. Hence, the committee aims to prove that Lanzones pelings are also capable of being used as an ingredient to create an effective mosquito repellant.

Irritated with mosquito outbreaks during the rainy season? Our group is here to show you that there’s another way to drive away these pests, in a way that doesn’t add to environmental pollution. After conducting research on lanzones, our group found out that peelings from the said fruit contain triterpenes that can repel mosquitoes. Hence, we developed the idea of producing a mosquito coil out of lanzones peelings. This project can be beneficial in different ways. Not only does it help get rid of mosquitoes, but also is affordable and easy to make. B. Statement of the Problem • Is it possible to create a mosquito coil, or katol, made out of lanzones peelings? • Would it be effective as much as its counterpart of the commercial katol? • Would the way on how the katol is made affect its properties and use? • Does lanzones peelings have specific properties that suits it for making it into a katol? • What would be the effect on the user’s health? C. Objectives This project aims to: • make a mosquito coil out of lanzones peelings,

• make an organic, chemical-free mosquito coil,
• produce a useful product using biodegradable waste,
• test the feasibility of a lanzones-based mosquito coil and • develop the value of resourcefulness and make an effective mosquito coil with less cost. D. Significance of the Study E. Scope and Limitations of the Study The Philippines, as we all know, is a tropical country. People might experience the scorching heat of the sun or heavy rains. And nowadays, we experience both interchanging in everyday life. The change of weather might affect our health and the behavior of the things around us. More likely, due to excessive heavy rainfalls, there had been causes where stagnant water rests.

One thing that will surely be attracted by the stagnant waters is insects specifically the mosquitoes. The mosquitoes are very likely to carry dreadful germs and viruses that may be transmitted when we are bitten. The group’s project then comes in, the katol (mosquito killer) out of lanzones peelings which many can benefit from it.

The Group 4 – Lavoisierians’ product would be highly beneficial to them for the prices of our basic necessities are gradually increasing, therefore we need to improvise on some certain products we use in our everyday life. The aspects of the topic that were covered in our study are the other benefits or uses of lanzones. It shows if we can make katol out of lanzones and if it is capable of being an insecticide. The group will have this kind of study for the whole academic year. Also, the group will budget the time for the whole year to finish and to have a successful outcome. The extent of our study is to know how lanzones can be made as katol. We only have this kind of study just for academic purposes. The group 4 conducted this so that we may learn enough knowledge that can help us in our daily lives. The only risk here is that we should know the scope of our time because considering it contains a biodegradable waste (lanzones peelings) it can be easily be rotten. C. Hypothesis B. Conceptual Framework A. Related Studies Chapter II - Review of Related Literature Mosquito coil is mosquito-repelling...
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