Topics: Rent, Jonathan Larson, Homelessness Pages: 2 (520 words) Published: April 25, 2014
Naizhjay McDaniel
April 20, 2014
Frederick Perry
Theatre Appreciation
A few weeks ago, I went to see the musical Rent written by Jonathon Larson. The musical has been re made many times as it is a very popular musical. This re make was directed by Pierre Jacques-Brauit. While on my way to Cuyahoga Community College-Western campus, I became extremely enthusiastic as I had high expectations of the performance. However, after watching the two and a half hour production, I was utterly disappointed. Although the musical had some great aspects, such as the live band, cool effects, and great stage lighting, it could have been more organized.

Rent is a rock musical that tells a story of a group of young artists and musicians struggling to survive in New York City; some of them with the life of HIV/AIDS. Most of the events that take place throughout the musical are actual real life events from Jonathan Larson.

As I walked into the arena, the first thing I noticed was the stage design. I instantly became excited; the stage was flamboyant with so many colors! There was graffiti on the walls, garbage on the floor, and an apartment like object. The stage design represented the in and outside of an apartment building. The outside really looked like a place where homeless people lived, and the inside really looked like someone’s home.

The characters were satisfactory. Although they were loud and energetic, they did not articulate their words. I could not understand anything that they were saying. I left out of the theatre knowing sixteen words: Rudolph, the, red, nose, reindeer, snow, pay, rent, moon, fuck, you, light, my, candle, Roger, and please! In fact, every line was sung. I felt like the characters were singing at me not to me. In addition, they were all over the place; the characters did not do a good job at conveying the story of Jonathon Larson, throughout the musical they kept running around, jumping, and screaming. By them doing that, it did not...
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