Topics: Outsourcing, Management, Marketing Pages: 3 (1045 words) Published: November 3, 2014
1) Many outsourcing decisions involve the concept of a core competency. Define what is meant by this term. Discuss if film technology is truly a core competency of Santek. Ans: Core competence is by far the best initiative which can be taken by a firm and which also meets the three conditions i.e., competitors should not be able to produce easy substitutes which are similar to the product, the product should be beneficial to the consumer and finally it can dominate most markets which means that the product has a wide leverage power. Santek Images has a wide global market for its film products. The single competitor may not adequately make the company loose the grip of the market. Hence, film technology is truly the core competency of Santek.

2) Develop a process that would guide firms through the insourcing/outsourcing process. Create a process that is robust enough to use across a variety of product/service applications. Ans: The process usually begins with thorough training of the working staff that may either be in-sourced or outsourced. It is important because the background knowledge of the product being handled is crucial. The marketing of the product and the time zones which affects the working hours of employees is also equally important. The manager can either be outsourced or in-sourced. Workers who are outsourced should be well oriented or perhaps the company should have the understanding of the workers located in different parts and plan for their working requirements in the most satisfying manner. Projects which prove to be less volatile and more stable should be given priority. This will make it possible for development to be carried out in the most uniform way. Each project should be well monitored to ensure that completion is effected at the right time. Large groups can be assigned a particular project to complete quickly. 3) A major challenge with an insourcing/outsourcing analysis involves gathering reliable data. Discuss the various groups...
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