Religion on Man has Body and Soul reflection paper

Topics: Meaning of life, Life, Soul Pages: 2 (703 words) Published: December 8, 2014
Religion on Man has Body and Soul reflection paper
Life in every sense of the word is subjective to many individuals. The meaning of life is always a wonder to be amaze because of its proximity in its connotations alone. In which I start to suspend all my judgments, prejudice and start focusing on clean slate with an open mind and must not uphold anything when I start to bracket in this phase. I have always wondered when I was little, what is life? Or what is the origin of life? I did learn back then in my earlier years in school that a life is the principle of existence in the physical world where basically man has a soul and body in order to have a life in the first place. The soul being the core essence in existence which is the non-physical aspect that cannot be tangible whiles the body being the physical mechanism in the material plane. In my religion perspective, as I was raise as a Christian of a belief that life are blessings created by divine hands with countless gifts from God. Life is not only filled with happiness and laughter but there is also a clinch to it that will not make it easy. that live a life, one must also have the freedom of free will to really live. Life cannot exist if man does not have body and soul, one cannot exist without the other. If the soul is taken away from the body, can you still call it a life? I guess the obvious answer is no. If man has no soul then it is like you are the walking dead, a soulless creature with no purpose to exist in the world that will forever wander around aimlessly. I do personally believe that the souls are the essence of all things man. If I were to remove religion in man’s life then one’s existence on earth is unwholesome, superficial and counterfeit, not truly living. In this sense, the world is made up of different religious beliefs that may in turn to the things of religion to believe on something that we couldn’t see at all and just follow what our elders teaches us. Like the story where life...
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