Religion Essay What Does It Mean To Be Human

Topics: Religion, Human, Meaning of life Pages: 1 (444 words) Published: March 30, 2015
Topic: What does it mean to be human? (A Catholic Perspective) By Nicholas Derhun

To be human is to have flaws but it’s not why we sin, it is how we make up for those sins by doing the right thing in the likeness and image of god. All humans are made in the image and likeness of God. Yet, humans are still able to do wrong as we are moral beings which allows us to sin and turn against God. Being human can put responsibilities on our plate in that we are held accountable to take care of God’s creation. Catholics recognize the unity of body and soul for each human being. Our belief centers on the truth that humankind stands between the two worlds of matter and spirit. The physical world is considered part of God's creation and is, therefore, inherently good until an individual misuses it. To be human is also to have a conscience; it can be as simple as knowing what is right and what is wrong, the power to act or not act. From a Catholic perspective it is to be divine and moral beings, to act in the footsteps of God and having equality and freedom. We are capable of passions or feelings and blessed with a conscience. God desired humans to exist and we are a gift of god. By free will we shape our own lives. The church takes this stance because they believe that all humans are good and are divine. The church believes humans are immortal in a way that we die but our soul does not and to be human can show signs of God because God can be found in everyone. In addition is the fact that the church believes that God created humans from the dust of the earth and divine breath and in his own image God also gave us the ability to speak and we communicate with him by prayer. As a Catholic I am blessed to live my life with happiness and holiness. My family values the profession of faith and the life of Christ. By free will I shape my life by my choices and pray to god to guide me in the right direction. While I know I am far from perfect, I know God’s...
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