Religion Essay - Peace

Topics: Islam, Muhammad, Qur'an Pages: 3 (880 words) Published: October 16, 2013

Peace; a word manipulated and misused too commonly when conversing. The term peace, referring to a happy and harmonious nature, whether within ones self or extending to the greater world, recognises a sense of contentment. Islam, in its entirety, is a peaceful and harmless religion. A Muslims aim is to firstly achieve inner piece, resulting in true ‘Islam’ or total submission to Allah (Sura 5:15-16). Finding and creating this inner piece effects the relationships the individuals has with not only family, but beyond that community and eventually society. The ricocheting effect this will have upon a society leads to world peace, along with breaking down racial barriers; there should be no room for war. However, Ulysses S. Grant’s statement is unfortunately reflective of the Islam. The words of Prophet Muhammad, as clearly stated In the Qur’an say that war should be a last resort. As stated “Permission (to fight)…to those who are being persecuted”. In saying that though, Muhammad never wished disharmony on any Muslim: “Whoever harms a non- Muslim, I am his foe. Whoever is my foe, I shall deal with him on the Day of Judgment.” The frequent reiteration of the phrase ‘Peace be upon you’ is in actual fact an external manifestation of the desire for peace within Islam.

The only time it is ok for a Muslim to use any sort of violence or aggression is in self-defense. Justice is also of high importance when considering a Muslim’s faith. Allowing aggressors and unjust people to be punished accordingly, unless they repent before they are brought to justice. In saying that, Islam encourages forgiveness, “But if they cease (fighting you), Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful” “To ensure that we always apply justice…” this is reflecting the need for inner sanctuary. If something is unjust, it will be fixed, and if by means of violence or war as a solution, so be it. The Qur’an also mentions that a Muslim should “respond to punishment with the same punishment” yet then...
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