Religion and World Religious Systems

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This course is a study of selected world religious systems for the perspective of the participants. An examination of beliefs, practices, and worldview, which lead to a particular religious expression, will be included. The course is designed to help students think "from the insider." A Christian response will be developed.

When the course is finished, the student should be able to:
A. Understand how the major religions began and developed.
B. Answer basic questions related to the teachings of these religions.
C. Understand how the adherents of a systems view their world and believe as they do.
D. Explain the major points of tensions an adherents of the religious system would have with the Christian gospel.
E. To identify points of contact where the gospel may be explained to adherents of another religious system.

A. Ellwood, Robert S. Many Peoples, Many Faiths: Women and Men in the World Religions, Seventh Edition or later edition, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Prentice Hall, 2006. - ISBN: 0-13-034172X - major Text B. Parshall, Phil, The Cross and the Crescent: Understanding the Muslim Mind and Heart. Wheaton, IL:

Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., 1989.
C. Morris, Louise, Stronger than the Strong, Littleton, CO: OMF International, 1998. – [Posted on Bb] D. Class Notes/Power Point Presentations/Articles posted on Bb

Lectures, class discussions, group presentations, Guest speakers, videos
A. Reading:
Assigned reading - 15% of your overall grade is based on completing all of the reading assigned.
If any portion of the material assigned is incomplete a 0% will be given for this part of the course grade.
Reading Log DUE: Last class period
B. Written:
1. Two issue papers select from the following:
Paper #1 – selected from:
* Hinduism
* Buddhism – select from Theravada Buddhism or Mahayana Buddhism (may not do both) * Taoism (also spelled Daoism)
* Confucianism
* Shinto
Paper #2 – selected from:
* Judaism (today)
* Folk/Pagan Catholicism or Orthodox Church (may not do both) * Islam
* Sufism
NOTE: These papers cannot be part of your group project area.
Length: 8-10 pages of content, double-spaced, minimum of SIX references (text maybe used as one reference). Internet references – two only
Content: Select ONE aspect of the religion to research and discuss such as (DO NOT give an over-view of the religion)
SOME Suggested Aspects to consider:
-Religious expressions influencing the culture.
-Women's role dictated by the religious believes.
-Theological tenets of the religion
-The selection/development/training of the religious leaders
-Use of art in the religion
-View of their high god in comparison with the Biblical Creator God
-The purpose, way, and meaning of prayer (communicating with their god(s))
-Purpose and use of selected rituals of the religion.
Written presentation of your material:
-A CLEAR PURPOSE OR THESIS STATEMENT must be stated in the top of first page
-The topic developed and written in the form of an article for publication, concise and to the point.
-Summary and Conclusion
-Title page stating: title...

Bibliography: (2nd ed). Middle East Resources, 2002.
Also on line at:
Forrester, Helen. The Money Lenders of Shahpur. Fontana, London. 1987.
This novel set in India gives many insights into the practices of Jainism
LaPierre, Dominique. The City of Joy. 1990 - Set in Calcutta, gives many insights into Indian life and worldview.

LaPierre, Dominique, and Larry Collins. Freedom at Midnight. 1975.
Set in the time of the Independence of India and Pakistan in 1947, gives many insights into the beliefs, worldview, and life of Muslims, Sikhs, and Hindus
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