Religion and Logic

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Religion and Logic Make Human Being

Instead of being incompatible with each other, religion, referring to human being’s thought about what a human being is and why, provides some perceptual knowledge to us while logic, referring to both the study of modes of reasoning (which are valid and which are fallacious) and the use of valid reasoning[1], gives us rational view about what a human being is, thus, helping us to become more human being.

Religion and logic are not incompatible. Analytically, religion permeates logic and logic permeates religion. In its essence, religion serves as a tool for human being to understand himself while logic is a tool for human being to reason. Religion itself has its logic. For example, Christians hold the view that life and afterlife take turns to take place and what human being does when alive will decide what kind of life this man will lead during his afterlife. Those who do a lot of harm to the society will go to the hell while those who do a lot of good will ascend to heaven. As a result, those people believing in Christianity and desiring to ascend to heaven will live a charitable life in that they believe in such sort of logic. Here we can see that logic perfectly fits in religion. Those people who do not believe in religion actually have been engaged in another kind of religion, one that denies the existence of god. Besides, as a matter of fact, a number of famous scientists have religious belief. For example, Lord Kelvin, an Irish-born British mathematical physicist and engineer who did important work in the mathematical analysis of electricity and formulation of the first and second laws of thermodynamics, was a devout Christian. Maxwell, a Scottish mathematical physicist whose most prominent achievement was formulating classical electromagnetic theory was also a devout Christian and had a firm belief that it is God who creates human being. Despite their religious beliefs, those scientists did well in their fields...
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