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4 Major characteristics of religion:
* Belief and Believers
* All of the major world religions are founded by a group of believers with beliefs. Without these the religion would not exist, as the main element to any religion is the following.

* Sacred texts/ Writings
* At the core of most religions is a sacred piece of literature. It indicates the beliefs, rules, and how the religion should be portrayed in the modern world.

* Ethics
* Ethics are described as the reflection of moral beliefs within a tradition. Their purpose is to clarify what is right and wrong.

* Rituals and Ceremonies
* Enactments, which each have a beginning, middle, and end. They are directly linked to supernatural beings

These characteristics affect the lives of Christians in a very dynamic way. They all strive to live their lives by these characteristics; it is somewhat an unspoken law.

Religion theory becomes a living practice by all the believers following the characteristics. The bible showcases guidelines to how the Christian life should be fulfilled.

Believers and beliefs are what hold religion together in the modern world. Without then, the religion would not be acknowledged or survive.

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* Christianity believes that there is a supreme being, the one and only God. * Christianity defines the question who am I? In relation to what is human nature, and what is the ultimate purpose. * Sin is the reason for pain and suffering

* Heaven is the place after death in which Christian believers assume they will go.

Nature of Religion
Nature of Religion
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