Explain How the Characteristics of Religion Interact with Each Other to Create a Dynamic Living Religion.

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There are several characteristics of religion that create a dynamic living religion. These being belief and believers, sacred texts and writings, ethics and rituals and ceremonies.

Sacred texts and writings go hand in hand with beliefs and believers. This is because beliefs determine what was originally written in the sacred texts and over time these writings determined what beliefs the later generations would have. It is accepted that the sacred texts and writings are revelations from god and therefore, god’s word or instruction. This is evidence that these two characteristics interact with each other to create a dynamic, living religion as sacred texts and writings by explains to people how to behave using instructional, historical and exemplary behaviour as an example.

Ethics is what we think as humans is right and wrong and is something that is expected to be followed but is not written down. So in other words it can be defined as what we believe is right and wrong. This helps to create a dynamic, living religion as we treat and do things to other human beings as what we think is right. Thus creating a better, dynamic living religion.

Sacred texts and writings help contribute to the dynamic, living religion as it contains all of the writings, oral stories and traditions that people in the past lived by. They also give information about rituals and rites that help community and personal ethics. Which helps us as human beings treat people the way we want to be treated and that no matter what religion people believe in that we can live in a dynamic, living religion.

Rituals and ceremonies are determined by belief and are defined as a suitable behaviour for the believers of religion. Also they often follow the ethical behaviour of the people living in the community at the time. This means that they differ from place to place, but are followed by all people in the community which makes it a dynamic, living religion.

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