Relative Clauses

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SHORT ANSWER. Write the word or phrase that best completes each statement or answers the question. Add commas where necessary. 1) Theresa Tafoya whose grandmother was also a well-known artist has a painting on exhibit in the Museum of Contemporary Art. 1)

2) The son who lives in Bermuda does genetic research.


3) The Jacksons have two sons. The son who lives on Prince Edward Island writes novels for a living.


4) The wheel which was invented thousands of years ago is one of the most significant inventions of all time.


5) The city, where Priscilla lives, is Dallas.


Circle the correct words to complete the sentences. 6) The people with who / whom he has shared his wealth will always be grateful. 7) The man which / whom I'm talking about is the owner of a large factory outside town. 8) Mr. Perez had been a school-bus driver in a rural area which / where the roads are very narrow. 9) Marisol Perez, who / whose the school named Student of the Year, wants to study social work. 10) When she's not in school, she's at Cathy's Catering Company, which / where she works as a baker. 11) Eva Hoffman reminds me of my friend Karla, who / whose daughter Edna you met when you were here last year. 12) Language is a subject where / that I'm very interested in. 6) 7) 8)





Object Relative Pronouns 1

13) I keep the book next to my bed, when / where I read it every night. 14) I loved the book who / that you gave me.

13) 14)

Combine each pair of sentences into one sentence with an independent clause and a dependent adjective clause. Make the second sentence the dependent clause. 15) The man has agreed to take better control of his animals. His dogs have been barking all night. ____________________________________________________________

__________ ____________________________________________________________

__________ 16) The scholarship will be awarded to the student. The student gets the faculty recommendation. ____________________________________________________________

__________ ____________________________________________________________

__________ 17) Nancy Armenta is the new assistant to the president. You met her at the Prettos' party. ____________________________________________________________

__________ ____________________________________________________________

__________ 18) Mexico City has a population of at least 20 million. It is the largest city in the Western Hemisphere. ____________________________________________________________

__________ ____________________________________________________________

__________ 19) This is the house. Jack built it. ____________________________________________________________

__________ ____________________________________________________________

__________ 15)





Combine the pairs of sentences using adjective clauses. Use the word in parentheses. Make any other necessary changes. 20) The Black Cauldron tells about a time. There was great danger in the country then. (when) ____________________________________________________________

_____________ 21) Alexander writes in New York City. He's lived there for twenty years. (where) ____________________________________________________________

_____________ 22) Lloyd Alexander is a writer. Many children love his books. (whose) ____________________________________________________________

_____________ 23) She often writes Rohan's reports. She bases the reports on his notes. (which) ____________________________________________________________

_____________ 24) It was an exciting time. The department was growing rapidly then. (when) ____________________________________________________________

_____________ 20)





Object Relative Pronouns 2

25) She started the job right after she got...
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