Appositive Phrases

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Using Appositive Phrases

Practice 1: Matching
An appositive is a sentence part that identifies a person, place, or thing named in a sentence. Appositives often begin with the words a, an, or the. They always answer one of these questions.

Who is he? Who is she? Who are they? (people)
What is it? (place or thing)

Appositives occur at the beginning of a sentence (opener), between a subject and verb (s-v split), or at the end of a sentence (closer).

Examples of Appositives

Opener: A professional individualist, William T. Stead seemed almost to have planned his arrival. Walter Lord, A Night to Remember

S-V Split: Cotton, the kitten, went up the tree but could not come down. Roger Duvoisin, Petunia

Closer: May always liked the weird ones best, the ones you couldn’t peg right off. Cynthia Rylant, Missing May

With a partner, match the appositives with the sentences. Write out each sentence, inserting and underlining the appositive. Use all three positions at least once—opener, s-v split, closer.

1.Maycomb was the county seata. suede with tags and zippers. of Maycomb county.

2.He signaled to Jake to take over the b. a red Olds.
cash register.

3.One of these dogs had disappeared.c. the middle brother

4.Tomorrow is Wednesday.d. the best one

5.And of course it was red.e. twenty miles east of Finch’s landing

6.That jacket is a class act.f. a working day
Practice 2: Identifying

1. Discuss with a partner what who learned in Practice 1 about appositives. Jot down brief answers to these questions on this paper.

a. What information do appositives tell?

b. Are appositives sentences, or sentence parts?

c. What words usually begin appositives?

d. How long are appositives, short, medium, or long?

e. Where can appositives be placed in a sentence?

f. When is one comma used for an appositive? Two commas?

g. How can appositives improve your writing?

2. Find the appositives phrases in the following sentences, and see if your answers fit them.

1. Shannon, a boy Arthur knew from the playgrounds, approached. Hoop Dream-Ben Joravsky.

2. Arthur dribbled low, like coach Bedford had taught him, and was careful to avoid the bits of glass and clumps of grass on the asphalt. Hoop Dream-Ben Joravsky

3. For Bedford and his assistants, Eli Ephram and Al Williams, it was hard to determine just how good their team would be. Hoop Dream-Ben Joravsky

4. Nate, the only person present who could get away with asking , blurted out, “So, are you going to get married, Grandma?” Hoop Dream-Ben Joravsky

5. Only one time, last summer, Ruthie had mentioned it. Finding Miracles, Julia Alvarez

6. Un milagrito, a little miracle, had happened! Finding Miracles, Julia Alvarez

Practice 3: Combining

With a partner, combine the two sentences by making the underlined part of the second sentence an appositive. Write the new sentence and underline the appositive.


Sentences to Combine:

a. The pilot seemed more a machine than a man,
b. He seemed an extension of the plane.


The pilot seemed more a machine than a man, an extension of the plane. Gary Paulsen, Hatchet

Sentences to Combine:

1a.In the long pasture, there was a small knoll which was the highest point on the farm. 1b.The pasture was not far from the farm buildings.
George Orwell, Animal Farm


Sentences to Combine:

2a.He remembered his mother taking the new child into her arms, while the document was read to the assembled family units. 2b.His new child was his sister.
Lois Lowry, The Giver


Sentences to Combine:

3a.Last year my new American friends took me to a carnival. 3b.Alyce and John...
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