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Relationships of Two Main Characters "Back to the Dreamtime"

By NGMEIKUAN09 Apr 17, 2013 711 Words
The Relationships Of The Two Main Characters
“Back to the Dreamtime” is a short story about an Aboriginal teenage, Richard is compelled by his dream to come to terms about his past and his oral culture, Aboriginal. He is curious to know about his Aboriginal and always thinking what meant that his often dreaming the same dream. His brother Tom and is best friend Bradley join him on a journey of self-discovery, adventure and mystery through the Australian outback. After Richard found his father sacred burial ground, he decided to go stayed back with MacDonald family after lived at Urandangi’s house around two weeks.

The main character that i want to discuss is Richard. One of the characteristic of Richard is brave. He is willing to find out who really he are although he already have adoptive family that love him so much. Other than that, Richard also shows his obey characteristic with his adoptive father, Joe. When Joe asked him to clean up the attic, he is willing to do that.

The second main character is Tom, Richard adoptive brother. Tom shows his helpful characteristic to Richard. He accompany Richard go to Alice Springs to find out Richard background. Besides that, Tom worried Richard career in the future to have succeed future life. This shows caring characteristic of Tom.

There are three relationships of the two main characters in this short story. Firstly, the relationship I want to discuss is schoolmate relationship that it shows at chapter one. Richard and Tom are adopted brothers. Richard adopted by McDonald family since his biological father was passed away. Every morning, Richard and Tom sat beside the railway tracks before going to school together. They talked about future career together while sat beside the railway tracks. Tom advised Richard to think carefully and had an idea what he wanted to do about his own career. This shows.

The second relationship appeared is friendship. In chapter two showed Richard and Tom had good relationship because they have their similar favorite pastime on the weekend which are played cricket in the backyard. Furthermore, Richard and Tom also cleaned up the attic together after their father, Joe instructed them. This shows their cooperation and always being together either play or work.

Another example for friendship is Richard and Tom went to the year camp at Alice Springs together. They talked over the landscape of the planet and Tom described the landscape like the moon. After that, they set up their tent together. This situation shows they are a strong brotherhood no matter when they are going to the school, playing game or cleaning up the attic. The third relationship existed is family relationship. When Richard decided to go Alice Springs again to done his duty that buried the tjurunga at his biological father sacred burial ground Tom wants to go along with him. This shows Tom concerned and cared to Richard being dangerous if going alone at chapter five. In chapter eleven when they found Richard’s father sacred burial, Richard have to face up to who his really are. Richard was confused in the situation. Tom sensed and gave Richard some advised and support. Richard was happy to hear his brother advised. This made him easier to tell Tom his plan. Richard determined to face up to what he is and where his belong. Richard decided to stay at Urandangi home that he hadn’t tell to others. This shows the example of family relationship, trust and caring.

Moreover in chapter twelve also have example of family relationship. Richard was cared the relationship with between he and his brother Tom. Richard lied that he probably stayed here only for a while although he have not planned when to go back because he did not want Tom being worried about him and learn the truth.

Nowadays, there are very hard to find the kind hearted like MacDonald family. This short story shows how MacDonald family treated Richard well although Richard is adoptive children in this house. In my opinion, “Back to the Dreamtime” is a good novel because it shows a lot of good example of relationship among the two main characters. From these relationships, we can learn a lot of moral values and good characteristics.

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