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By KodyRazor03 Sep 16, 2013 518 Words
Classification Essay

The many relationships we encounter over our life time is what forms and molds us as humans. The way people interact with each other is based on the relationship they have with each other. There are many different types of relationships. For example there are Professional Relationships such as the relationship between you and your business partner or people in your work place. The Three main relationships you develop are Family Relationships, Friend Relationships, and Romantic Relationships. Family Relationships are the first type of relationship people encounter. It is important once people are old enough they start developing relationships with their parents or siblings. There are many different ways to develop relationships with your family. For example sitting around the dinner table every night and talking about every ones day and connecting with them or do fun things as a family such as taking a vacation. Those are a very good examples on how to build a strong family relationship. Some people might think that developing a strong Family Relationship is not important but family will always be there for you no matter what. Friendship development also happens at a very young age. Making friendships at a young age is very important and good for developmental growth. People say developing friendships is a natural way humans interact. Some people make friends easier than others do. In your life time there are three basic types of friendships you develop. They are the people that you lose as friends as life goes on, the people you only talk to at work or at school, then there is best friend who no matter what you will always be close. For example the best friends you make are always there for you. You have developed a strong enough relationship to know that no matter where in life you two go there will always be a friendship there. That is the strongest type of friendship you can develop with another human. Romantic relationship development can be very confusing and very exciting at times. As people grow up and start to attract to the opposite sex, they start to develop feelings for one another that is stronger than just being friends. The development of the Romantic relationship usually starts out at the friendship stage and increases into the romantic stage. As the romantic relationship develops people tend to want to spend every waking moment with one another. In other instances people start to grow apart and get annoyed with each other very easy. One example is for the people who spend every day together start to notice flaws they never noticed before. Once they notice those flaws they start to lose interest in that person. A Romantic Relationship is possibly the biggest Relationship you can develop with another person, but you have to watch how you approach it. In conclusion, the three main relationships you develop are Family Relationships, Friend Relationships, and Romantic Relationships. They are all special in their own way and all develop in different ways. They all take time and effort to develop but are all worth it.

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