Relationship Between John Proctor and Elizabeth Proctor in Cruclible

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“How does Arthur Miller use stage directions to establish the relationship between John and Elizabeth proctor in act 2 ?”

Arthur miller uses stage directions to establish the relationship betwee John and Elizabeth in act 2. The narrative at the beginning of the scene John is directed to season the stew that Elizabeth has made for their evening meal because he wasn’t quite pleased with what she had made. This can be interpreted as a symbol which says that he is dissatisfied with Elizabeth because she is not good enough wife for him. This suggests that it is possible that he has not been pleased with Elizabeth for a long time. When they advance to eat John compliments Elizabeth on how well it was seasoned, this is ironic due to the fact that we know that John seasoned the stew, though she did not know in the stage direction it says she “blushed with pleasure” this suggests that she delighted that she has satisfied him. After that she says “I took great care” which gives the auidence the imprint that even though John is displesed with what Elizabeth has given him, she had tried her best to please him. This could be because John feels guilty about his affair with Abigail. But it also gives the impression to the audience that there is a lack of communication between them because, John feels he has to hide the fact that he added seasoning, just to make Elizabeth happy. The stew almost represents how the couple’s differences in character are reflected in their differences in taste. Miller is using dramatic irony here to show that with something so trivial there is still dishonesty between them; this is what has led to a breakdown of trust. It could also show that Proctor wants to make things better in his life: especially with Elizabeth. Through this, the audience can see that Proctor really wants to make Elizabeth happy and doesn’t want to put a foot wrong as he is saying as little as possible. Nevertheless there is a sturdy display of dissatisfication In both

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