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Relationship Between Education and Success

By gnjt11 Feb 19, 2008 523 Words
I am still a student so you can see I am still in the process of understanding the relationship between education and success, but I have learned that education succeeds when there is a positive relationship and interaction based on trust and respect between teachers and students. Teachers who understand their students and adapt their lessons to the diverse of culture, backgrounds and learning styles will achieve better success rate in their classrooms. Quality education begins with highly qualified and caring teachers who build positive relationships and interactions with their students. There are many groups that support quality education through professional development for teachers and students on topics such as, building stronger communication skills and classroom management techniques. With these skills and strategies it will help the teachers to build relationships that are based on trust and respect as well as having a comfortable classroom where students can take risks, but also having a safe and welcoming environment to have more productive and engaging students. I believe that students will flourish in this type of learning environment. Still, teachers spend lots of time and energy on additional educational initiatives that are either ordered or mandated. While all activities are important for education, the time and energy teachers spend to enhance the quality of the instruction and interaction in the classroom is diminishing. Groups continue to listen to the concerns of the students and work with our educators so that the teachers' time is efficiently and productively spent on making the students' experiences successful and meaningful. Teachers create meaningful experiences in all subject areas. While a strong foundation in reading and math is important, students also gain an understanding of and an appreciation for life when they are engaged in other courses of study. Most, students that find significance in what they are learning naturally seek interaction with their teachers. If there are lower student-teacher ratios and resources to improve the learning environment, and support from all areas around the student, I believe that the quality and successfulness will be greater. Building community partnerships and keeping them up to date about the needs of teacher and schools will really help to make a difference for the students. Within the community, individuals can make a difference as well. Every student needs a caring person to provide a bright spark in there life like a parent, a teacher, a coach, or friends. I am very fortunate to have someone in my life that is here to help me. My mother is always around when I need her. It doesn't matter what time of day but I can always call her and she is by my side. She taught me the values of hard work, honesty, responsibility, humility and gratitude. My high school teacher helped me to overcome many hurdles by encouraging me to try harder and expect more from myself. I was inspired to dream bigger and further my education and go to college. I believe that all teachers know that they can help students succeed, and they can provide support and a good learning environment to maximize the success of any student.

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