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Eyebotics Workshop Walk Through Sheet
Team Techfest 2013 welcomes you to IIT BOMBAY. Following are some general guidelines for your assistance. 1. REGISTRATION:  All the participants should preferably register on either 3th or 4th January at the registration desk at main gate. If they are registering on 4th January, participants are required to arrive quite early as registration at main gate may take time owing to a lot of crowd there. A registration card will be given to them. Participants need to register only once. 2. GENERAL RULES :    Please call the coordinator given behind only in case of acute emergency. Constant troubling will not be of any benefit. The registration number of your team is your identity. Please carry your registration card issued to you at the registration desk along with you whenever you report for the competition. The registration desk is present at the entry in the Institute. Please do not litter the campus; smoking in the venues is strictly prohibited due to security concerns.

3. ACCOMODATION:  If you have been provided with accommodation at IIT, then please proceed to the Accommodation Desk near Swimming Pool (marked 29 in the map).

4. BRIEF UP:  The workshop will be conducted on 4th and 5th January.  Teams must attend all the sessions of the workshop to get a certificate.  Teams must bring a laptop, with MATLAB 7.5 installed and a pendrive along with them. All the required softwares will be given to them in a CD at the start of the workshop by the trainers. We will not provide any laptops from our side. If possible, teams may bring spikes on their own if their laptops need constant charging. We will provide limited spike guards. 5. EVENT DAY:     All participants must report at Hall 2, situated in Lecture Hall Complex-2(LHC-2, marked 18 in the map) on 4th January at 8:00 am sharp with their Registration cards and Identity cards. The workshop will start from 09:00 am in the morning on 4th January. There will be a...
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