Regions of the United States

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Regions of the United States

The states in the New England region are Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. Pilgrams from England were the first settlers to settle in New England.

The geography of new england is hills with low moutians. Large areas covered in forest. The soil is thin and rocky a really diffucult place for farming. There are narrow plains across the atlantic coast. The conneticut river is the longest, it flows from new hampshire and vermont through massachusetts and connectucut before reaching the Atlantic ocean. Off New England’s jagged coastline are the richest fishing grounds.

 Puritans were the leaders in the area the were in charge of most stuff the made it so men of the church could vote but it was not a democracy. Governor Winthrop calls democracy the "meanest and worst" of all forms of government because he distrusted the common people. Also, Puritans believed everyone should be educated so they can read scripture for religious purposes.  By the end of the seventeenth century, New England colonists had tapped into a sprawling Atlantic trade network that connected them to the English homeland as well as the West African slave coast, the Caribbean's plantation islands, and the Iberian Peninsula. Colonists relied upon British and European imports for glass, linens, hardware, machinery, navigational instruments, paint, and other household items. New England's colonies could not offer much to England beyond fish, furs, and naval stores. The New Englanders built a lucrative shipbuilding system; after all, they needed fishing boats, and the regional economy quickly became dependent upon the sort of trade that only ships could produce at the time. New Englanders began to profit mightily from trade with England, rather than simply supplying the mother country with cheap staples. In response, between 1698 and 1717 the English government imposed an unfavorable trade balance on New England and New York by raising duties against major colonial exports like fish (to protect English fisheries) and meat (to protect English agriculture). This meant that the colonies were forced to purchase more from England than they were able to sell back.

Life in the New England Colonies was hard. Every family member that could walk helped with the chores. Even though the colonies had poor soil most people farmed. Most farms were either too small or too poor to have African slaves. Before the farm was used they had to cut down the trees and use them to make the house and the farm yard; like fences and the barn. Families grew a variety of plants like: corn, rye, peas, squash, and pumpkins. The animals they rose were: chickens, sheep, cows, and pigs. On the farm the men did the hunting and planting. The women made clothes, candles, soap, corn meal, preserved vegetables and meat, and did the cooking.

The states in the middle region are New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland and Delaware.
In the middle colonies, people produced many products. Farming was a big production assymbly. Most of the time the colonists would grow much more than was needed. The farmers would produce many types of crops. The main crops that were produced and sold were Wheat, Flour, Barley, and Oats. One of the colonies, Pennsylvania, was a central location for iron mining. This was a pretty good job. From the iron that was mined, the colonists made tools, nails, pots, and pans. These types of items would sell for quite a bit, because they were hand made and were original. In a certian region of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, there was furniture production. Philadelphia was known for their fine furniture pieces. They also had bragging rights to some of the finest silver. As good as this iron producing colony was, most luxury items were imported in from Europe. Another trade known in Pennsylvania was Flour milling. This was a major...
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