Regional Development and Regional Blocks

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Regional Development and regional blocks

1. Development of Regional blocks, goals and institutions

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) was established on 8 August 1967 in Bangkok, Thailand ASEAN Declaration Founding Fathers of ASEAN (5 countries)

Today – 10 Member States

The North American market increased, create a free trade, elimination of tariff barriers North American free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)was formed on 1 January 1994 Richest market in the world – Canada, United States, Mexico

Countries common values of economic development, the fight against poverty, sustainable development and so on An economic and political agreement (Southern Common Market) was formed on 26 March 1991 5 South American countries

Goals comparison

• to reduce barriers to trade in its region; • to increase cooperation between Member States; • free trade; • raise the living standards;

• to promote

NAFTA • to promote trade and economic development;

MERCOSUR • to promote the smooth goods, people and currency movements;

Southeast Asian studies; • to provide assistance to each other research areas;


Main institutions
• ASEAN Summit;


MERCOSUR • Common Market Council; • Common Market Group; • Administrative office; • Work Subgroups; •Joint Parliamentary Committee; • Trade Commission;

• Free Trade • Coordinating Council; Commission • Community Councils; • NAFTA Working • Sectoral Ministerial Groups and Bodies; Committees; • Committee of • Secretariat; Permanent • Commission for Representatives; Labor Cooperation; • National • Commission for Secretariats; Environmental • Committees Abroad; cooperation;

2. Participating countries (importance, economics)

ASEAN members
• ASEAN is a geo – political and economic organization of ten countries located in Southeast Asia which was formed by Indonesia,Malaysia the Philippienes, Singapore and Thailand; • Leaders are Le Luong Minh, Brunei.

ASEAN candidate states

Papua New Guinea

Timor- Leste

Accession to ASEAN
1.The procedure for application and admission to 2.ASEAN shall be prescribed by the ASEAN Coordinating council. Admission shall be based on the following criteria: • Location in the recognized geographical region of Southeast Asia; • Recognition by all ASEAN Member States; • agreement to be bound and to abide by the charter; • Ability and willingness to carry out the obligation of Membership; 3. Admission shall be decided by consensus by the ASEAN summit, upon the recommendation of the ASEAN Coordinating council 4. An applicant state shall be admitted to ASEAN upon signing an instrument of Accession to the charter

NAFTA members
• NAFTA is an agreement signed by Canada and Mexico which is a small economy country, and the United States which is big economy.

Accession to NAFTA
• 1. Any country or group of countries may accede to this Agreement subject to such terms and conditions as may be agreed between such country or countries and the Commission and following approval in accordance with the applicable legal procedures of each country.

• 2. This Agreement shall not apply as between any Party and any acceding country or group of countries if, at the time of accession, either does not consent to such application.

Member states of Mercosur
• Full members: Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela. • Accessing member: Bolivia. • Associate Member: Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru • Main state was Uruguay and the Headquarters be located in Uruguay too.

Accession to Mercosur
• The Treatise of Asuncion foresaw the possibility of the accession of new members to theMercosur. The Article 20th of the Treatise presents the conditions of future accessions in the following terms: • This Treaty shall be open to accession, through negotiation, by other countries members of the Latin American Integration Association; their applications may be...
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