Refraction and Focal Length

Topics: Refraction, Optics, Geometrical optics Pages: 3 (591 words) Published: April 20, 2014
Relation between image & object distance of lens & its focal length: lens equation. 1/f=1/do+1/di Law of refraction: n1sin0=n2sin02.
Condition for multiple slit interference maximum: dsin0=mlambda Approach to optics treats light as a ray phenomenon: geometric optics Index of refraction for an optical material is- speed in light of vacuum:speed of light in material Relation between the refractive index, the two surface curvatures & the focal length of lens: lensmakers equation Snells law results from: wave speed depends on the density of medium Brewsters Angle: all perpendicularly polarized incident light transmits Which of the following is explained by Huygen’s: light defracts around the edges of barriers.

A person whose eyes are H = 1.58 m above the floor stands L = 2.22 m in front of a vertical plane mirror whose bottom edge is 43 cm above the floor. Whats the horizontal distance x to the base of the wall supporting the mirror of the nearest point on the floor that can be seen reflected in the mirror?

The magnification of a convex mirror is +0.80X for objects 1.8 m from the mirror. What is the focal length of this mirror?

A flashlight beam strikes the surface of a pane of glass (n = 1.58) at a 63° angle to the normal. What is the angle of refraction?

Light is incident on an equilateral crown glass prism at a θ1 = 44.0° angle to one face. Calculate the angle at which light emerges from the opposite face. Assume that n = 1.52.

The critical angle for a certain liquid-air surface is 41.7°. What is the index of refraction of the liquid?

How far from a 53.6 mm focal-length lens must an object be placed if its image is to be magnified 2.06X and be real? What if the image is to be virtual and magnified 2.06X?

Two converging lenses fA = 20.0 cm and fB = 25.0 cm are placed diA + doB = 87.0 cm apart. The object is doA = 72.0 cm in front of the first lens. Determine the position of the final image. Determine the overall...
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