Reflective Practice

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Task A – Guidance

Reflective Practice is the process that enables us to achieve a better understanding of ourselves, our knowledge and understanding, our skills and competencies and workplace practices in general.

It usually involves:
thinking critically about behaviour (the skills and how competent you are in dealing with work activities, and the values and beliefs that effect your work) assessing how behaviour impacts on thoughts and feelings and the thoughts and feelings of the individuals that you work with evaluating whether that impact was good or bad

reviewing how things could have been done differently, such as having a different approach

It is important in a social care setting because it enables us to improve the quality of service which is provided. Through reflective practice, we become more self-aware, which means having a raised awareness of others and a much greater understanding of an individuals needs. Through this we are able to identify problematic work practices as well as monitoring standards to enable us to find alternative work practices. It also gives us the opportunity to consider the learning and development needs of others. There is always going to be negative feelings or anxieties associated with social care work, and reflective practice gives us the ability to explore these feelings and find solutions, so as to improve the attitude and relationships surrounding the practice.

If somebody is able to reflect on their practice, it also means that they can work on improving their practice. For example, if someone was to think about their behaviour and decide that they could perform work activities to a higher standard, this is good for not only the social care worker, but any service users which they help, because the standard of care becomes higher. As well as this, reviewing experiences and thinking about how they could have been faced differently means that if they were to face a similar situation in the future it is...
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