Reflective Diary Nasrin Yr 2 Level 3

Topics: Nature versus nurture, Human nature Pages: 1 (624 words) Published: April 27, 2015
Last year was a struggle for me because I had workload to do which was hard, because I was struggling to do work one at a time. At the beginning of the term, I was doing fine in terms of keeping up to date with work and meeting deadlines. Unfortunately, I fell behind because I was doing another teacher’s work. However, I know that if I am in a teacher’s lesson, I should always do their work first. My aim is to get Distinctions in all units. In order for me to do this, I have to meet deadlines and use my time effectively. However, I was disappointed in myself last year because I felt like I had let myself down because I didn’t knuckle down with the work. I didn’t get good grades in some of my units which was a wake-up call to work hard in other assignments this year. However, what I don’t want to do this year is look back at what happened because it will be a distraction. Also, it will make me not do well as I should do. I want to turn over a new leaf for this year, and wipe the slate clean and have a positive attitude to my coursework in terms of determination and willingness. This year it won’t be easy, but nothing comes easy in life, so I won’t settle for anything less. The reason why I found Level 3 Year 1 hard because I was doing another teacher’s work in my lesson which I shouldn’t have done. If I met deadlines and did work on time, I wouldn’t have got a pass overall. I have made a decision that whenever I am given work, I have to do it straight away to avoid workload. The units that I found easy was Equality, Diversity and Rights and Unit 4 Development through the life stages. This is because I had to write a biography about a celebrity and what led them to superstardom. Whether it was nurture or nature or the influence of their siblings or relatives. However, I had to come to a conclusion about whether it was nature or nurture overall. I did enjoy the unit. Now that I am in my final year, my aim is to be motivated, willing and enthusiastic in order to...
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