Unit 6

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Unit 6: Personal and Professional Development

P3 Action Plan

Goals Goal target end date Actions Action target dateReview 1 Review 2 Attend university open days June 2013Search online for my career

Get distinctions and decide on campusStart from October 2012 Revise for theory test July 2013 buy books and CD

Revise for itDecember 2012

January 2013
Complete all assignmentsJune 2013Plenty of research

Achieve distinctions September 2012

June 2013


I have made some progress regarding my action plan. I haven’t attended any open days as yet but planning to do so in June so far and completed my personal statement. My first action plan regarding higher education was to get distinctions in all my assignments. So far I have achieved 2 pass marks and the rest of my grades merits but no distinctions but I am trying to work hard to achieve my goal of achieving distinctions.

In order to achieve distinctions in the rest of the year I am going to create myself a time table which manages in each thing I do, stay more focused to try and get my assignments done on time and hand them in when they should be handed in. be more disciplined, responsible and well organised.

To ensure that my assignments are in the right order and planned out well, I will need to attend all my classes so that I don’t miss out on vital information, write notes in the class so that I can read back on it when I go home, research on certain parts of the units and make sure I write in a presentable and professional way. Making sure your assignments are well organised I need to include a front cover for each assignments and a reference page which is very important and useful for my tutor, so that they are aware of where I got my information from.


To begin with I feel that it is important to define what reflect actual is. To reflect means to look back, and that is what I am going to do in regards to my personal and professional development. Reflection is a key skill to even have and is important to the health and social care environment as it helps to improve and skills which are what Kolb suggested. Through this short account I will reflect on my own personal and professional development mainly using the principles of Gibbs cycle of reflection which includes principles such as. I believe I have made positive progress and overcome any mistakes that I have previously made, to themselves myself as an individual. I did my placement within a nursery and which was responsible for caring for children between 3-5 years. I was responsible for caring and interacting with the children as well as supporting the staff in planning activities for the children, I was not however involved in the intimate care of the children .My feelings for the placement varied as I originally did not want to work with the children, as I would of preferred to work within a hospital type environment. However my feelings gradually changed the further as the placement went on and in the end I was quite happy. I believe that the placement helped me professionally develop as it allowed me to put theory into practice. I believe the placement was good in some aspects and bad in some aspects, but both of these aspects helped me professionally develop. It was a positive experience due to the fact that it allowed me to put theory into practice, which is an opportunity which I haven’t had before.

It was also a positive experience as I had professionals in the placement that also helped me develop, as they pointed out areas which I may need to improve in. For example one of the nursery nurses suggested that I speak more simply when dealing with children rather than use complicated language. This therefore helped me develop professional develop as they pointed out areas in which I need to work in. it also was a positive experience on my professional development as it allowed me to work in a professional team learn how to communicate effectively...
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