Reflective Action Plan

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Action Plan

Proposed targets for selfdevelopment with justification of how they might be achieved


Action Plan: proposed targets for self-development with justification of how they might be achieved.

One of the most difficult obstacles in achieving personal self-development is the lack of a good action plan. It is not a difficult task, but requires learning to be efficiently executed. The result should be an effective practise to reach my goal. This is done by the inclusion of an Action Plan, which will assist in reaching my goal and narrow my focus and drive to achieve that goal. To enable me to create an Action Plan, I first need to list particulars of thing needed to do to accomplish my goal. This is done by identifying my objectives and prioritising them, setting objectives which are achievable and identifying the steps needed to achieve them, being able to work under pressure, working to a deadline and having contingency plans. By having an effective action plan, I will be able to set a time table and have defined work strategies. This will give me direction rather than wondering what to do next. It will help me focus and provide me with a solution to “Where do I go from here?” The inclusion of S.M.A.R.T. targets will assist in categorising my goals. This Acronym has the following meaning –      S: Specific – Giving each goal detail and not being vague. M: Manageable - Not setting myself unreasonable goals. A: Achievable – Asking, can I accomplish these targets? R: Realistic – Are my goals practical? T: Time-bound – Putting a clear deadline on goals.



Topics for consideration to improve my goals include – The effective use of I C T : Since commencing my degree course, I have been introduced to many new ways of learning particularly ICT. This has made learning more innovative and stimulating. The interactive whiteboard has enabled my Tutors to work with multimedia and interactive software. This has enabled me to develop my skills more easily than when I was last in a learning environment, this also appeals to other students and their varied learning styles. The nature in which information is now accessible to me has improved greatly. I now work with mobile phones, pod casts, social networking sites and University VLE to access information and communicate with my fellow students and peers. PowerPoint is another form of VLE I have been introduced to in this semester, it has enabled me to conduct a presentation with comparative ease. Incorporating images into a presentation to make them popular and maintain attention. The way imagery is applied will have an impact on the audience but these are only an enhancement, the writing in the presentation is the main factor. I have learned to reiterate the main topics of the presentation to instil into my audience’s minds the purpose of the presentation.



The Library: My University library is a wonderful place to source information both written and visual. A wide range of information is available including journals, e books, databases and websites, knowing one of the librarians is useful to help me access information. With these resources to hand, I have become more adept at using referencing as a form of collecting information relevant to my course. To improve my skills and my learning techniques, I have learnt to identify my strengths and weaknesses and act appropriately on the outcome. These properties can be best discovered and dealt with by creating a S.W.O.T. analysis. The acronym S.W.O.T. means S. Strengths W. Weaknesses O. Objectives T. Threats S.W.O.T. Analysis Strengths Good communications Positive thinking Ability to use I.C.T. Well supported at work and home 4


Good rapport with associates at University, students and lecturers. Demonstrate my ability with my course work Weaknesses Lack of confidence in new areas of my course work Lack of sustained concentration Shortage of time to study...
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