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Therapeutic relationships
Understanding Behaviour Assessment LO1


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This is assessment is a reflective account using Gibb’s (1998) reflective cycle. It provides me with the structure to follow when reflecting (Brooker, 2013). The cycle has 6 steps which include; Description, feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion and action plan. In order to comply with the NMC Code of Confidentiality (NMC, 2013) and Data Protection Act 1998, I will call the service user Mrs M in order to maintain confidentiality. Description

On Thursday in my placement I was asked to assist Mrs M with her lunch. Mrs M is 90 years old and has dementia. She has barriers to her communication due to her dementia and physically she can’t walk without support. The two care workers, Mrs X and Mrs Z were to escort Mrs M through to the dining area using a wheelchair. The both put an arm through her armpits and put her on the wheelchair before wheeling her away. Mrs M was then taken out of the wheelchair in the same way and put onto a seat at the table and pushed in, to be close to the table. I then took over from the care workers. I told Mrs M that I was going to put a protector around her neck, in order for her to have her lunch. Mrs M’s table is called the ‘assisted table’. I assisted her with her starter, which was soup. Staff then gave me her main meal, which I encouraged Mrs M to participate on eating on her own. Mrs M seemed to enjoy her lunch and ate it all. Mrs X and Mrs Z then escorted Mrs M back to the lounge. Feelings

I will now discuss my thought and feelings throughout this account. I observed that the care workers did not communicate with Mrs M when elevating her to and from the chair. I thought that she seemed fretful (unhappy, nervous). I was feeling a bit angry that Mrs M was not communicated with, I thought that surely they can explain what they are about to do and why. When given the soup, I wondered how hot it was, as...

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