Reflection Paper on Local Government Innovation

Topics: Local government, Governance, Sustainability / Pages: 7 (1647 words) / Published: Jun 29th, 2013
Reflection Paper Section # 4 Omandam, Ruth B.

Local Government Innovation
Local government innovation was long been practiced in some progressive cities in the Philippines. San Fernando Pampanga, Bulacan, San Carlos Negros Occidental, Naga City to name some few. These cities local government leaders exhibits strong willed determinations on improving their constituents way of living to high quality of life. Innovation in local governance per se is different for every places, depending on the type of people, depending on each unique memes of the society, depending on each holons or person. Personally I founder, one of these days I would like to institutionalized all these learning’s in Zamboanga City. Zamboanga City waste management system is just a simple but always neglected issue. Why? Because the landfill area resident in Lumbangan Zamboanga City are complaining about the filtration of their land. Resulting to contaminated deep well drinking water. But the local government here in Zamboanga City don’t do any move on how to solve the problem. There were five (5) innovative models of local governance I had learned. 1. Innovation with simplicity – this type of innovation were centered on three aspects of development. First is thru mobility, mobility in the sense that in order for a place to prosper make way for its mobility. Thru integrating simple traffic scheme system that can benefit all levels of society at the same time preserving the old historical structures in a particular place or city. Second is sustainability of economy, environment and society. Third is giving momentous on the identity of the community or society. Through giving identity emphasis people of this place will be satisfied, happy and contented. (Source: Video of Curitiba, Brazil). 2. Governance is a shared responsibility. This type of innovation in local governance was exhibit in San Fernando, Pampanga. Where in the Mayor crafted Public Governance System. Public Governance System is a

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