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Reflection on Political Map (Philippines

By jarajara Aug 01, 2009 696 Words
For me, the social system of the Philippines is neither conservative or liberated, maybe both. Because there are conservative people that still uses old practices and beliefs. There are also liberated people that go with the new world, they do what Americans and other races do. They also do not treasure practices and beliefs anymore. The current economic system of the Philippines for me was very bad because the rich is only getting richer and the poor is only getting poorer. The rich families have more money and invest them on stocks, land, and creating more businesses so they will have more money. While, the poor only gets poorer because of the global financial crisis, their basic needs like water, electricity, fond, and shelter will have a much higher price. Why would the prices get higher? The prices will get higher if other countries sell the raw materials of the goods at a higher price. For example, if fuel gets higher it will have a huge effect on electricity and food, because the electricity companies like Meralco uses fuel to generate electricity. For food, if the fuel price gets higher, it will also get a higher price because of delivery. The current political system of the Philippines is very chaotic, because most of the politicians are against each other. They do not agree on one solution the problem. Are the young Filipinos getting too liberated? The young generations of the Philippines are getting liberated. They tend to go with the trend that other countries do. But maybe with the influence of the conservative or older generations our young Filipinos still have the right behavior a Filipino must have. Other young Filipinos that do not have a guardian or is in the streets will in the future become another problem of the Philippine country, because they do not know where to get money for their basic needs so they will do anything to get money, selling drugs, or even do prostitution. To help the Filipino people in solving his and her economic problem of the global financial crisis maybe relies on our government problem. Our government officials are too much corrupt. Instead of using this money in helping the Filipinos in their basic needs, they get it for themselves and make themselves richer. They protect and support their own businesses so that their business do not suffer and be outgrown by other businesses in their league. The Philippine government does not have cooperation, and they themselves are against each other. They all want to be the next president in the 2010 elections. The government should have cooperation, trust, and oneness to obtain a good government. I think that the existing system should be preserved. What we should change about our politics are the ones who are controlling it, the president and other politicians. We are like this because we grew up thinking that most if not all the politicians in the Philippines are corrupt, so if those people who grew up like that be the ones leading us, they would think that it is normal for a politician to be corrupt. The citizens should also follow the rules and laws of the government. Those who are with law should also follow the law. If everyone follows the rules and laws the country would be in order and have peace. The political ideology I closely relate with is the libertarianism, because I agree to the minimal regulation of the government. I think that the citizens should and can do what they want to the extent that they want as long as they are not hindering others in having the same liberty. In this ideology usage of force is against others is prohibited unless this person has done something wrong. I also believe that the government should not have too much influence on the people, so that the people are not restricted from doing what they want. Libertarianism also ensures that the citizens of a country remain lawful, as it condemns actions such as theft, murder, or fraud. Thus, libertarians abide by this principle and do not initiate force against others, making a peaceful society to live in.

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