Reflection on Dialogue in the Dark

Topics: Visual impairment, Blindness, Vision loss Pages: 4 (1399 words) Published: June 1, 2013
Reflection on DID

We had a chance to visit Dialogue in the Dark in week 4. There I felt that I was totally like a visually impaired person and I learnt to put my feet in the shoes of visually impaired people. Before my reflection on the visit to Dialogue in the Dark, I would like to define what visual impairment is. Visual impairment is a term that is used to describe loss of vision, whether total vision loss or partial vision loss. But in this assignment, I will use visual impairment for people who cannot see totally, who are totally blind since the word “blind” is an impolite word to use and the person may feel insulted. How do you feel when you hear the word “visually impaired”? For me, I feel like sorry for them. Visually impaired people have to be living in the dark forever. They cannot see the colorful world. They have lost the greatest sense that is essential for our daily living. They can smell, taste, touch and hear. But, they can’t see how beautiful the orchid is, how amazing the skyscrapers are and all that. Although they are visually impaired, we can still see them walking and working around us. I wondered how they can do almost all the things that normal people can do and I thought that they will encounter with many difficulties and disturbances . Before I visited DID, when I saw those people with visual impairment having difficulties during their activities like crossing road, I was eager to help them and actually helped them. But, the way I helped was not be correct. What I did might be that I would hold the person’s hand and lead to the direction. It helped the person to reach their destination but it did not help the person to feel better with their impairment. They may feel that they are unable to do anything, and demanding help all the time. We went around in Dialogue in the Dark under supervision of the leader who is visually impaired. She leaded us to have a safe and enjoyable trip. In our usual day life, we use our eyes, vision sense,...
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