Reflection Of A Child Called It

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Reflection of a Child Called It

The first chapter basically summarized the whole book into one chapter. It tells how he was treated in the beginning and throughout the horrible time he had to go through. Also it told how everything came to an end for the little boy. It told how the faculty at the school finally got involved and had taken him away for good.

The child had so much will power that it was unbelievable. I tried to place myself in this child’s spot and I could not figure out what this child would want to live for. Most children in this position would just kill themselves and/or have their parents kill them and get it over with. This child wanted to live more than anything. He wanted to have the life of his brothers. He wanted his mother to love him again and his family to be happy like they once were so long ago.

I think this first chapter caught my attention and made me want to get into the book even more. I couldn’t imagine what was to come in the next chapters but I soon found out.
In chapter two was telling about how the family used to be good. It told how everyone was happy and he was treated the same as him brothers. His mother and father were in love and nothing could be better. The lived a good place in Daly City.

This chapter also told the backgrounds of the parents and how he knew them from the time he was born until the time they changed. I liked this chapter because it made me happy to know that he had a few good years in his life before his family turned on him. He got to know how it was to be happy and I think that is why it kept him so strong. I believe he wanted to live to be able to have a happy family of his own. I think he wanted to live long enough to fell that happiness again.

In the third chapter I became very sad knowing that he was the only boy out of the children that was getting punished like this. His mother started to drink and go out of control. This chapter is where the abuse started and even though it was...
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