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Topics: Belbin Team Inventory, Reflections, Reflection Pages: 3 (979 words) Published: December 12, 2010
Reflection based on Gibbs’ model of reflection (Gibbs, 1988)

I spent a week with other professionals from the Health Professions Council. The aim was to learn from each other to enable us to become better professionals and to help with our individual learning. the session also gave me an insight into how we work together with other professional groups in practice (Miller and Freeman, 2007). For this reflection I shall be reflecting on teams roles.

As a professional I will need to develop my skills of working with other groups of professionals to ensure the patient receives the best care possible.

Initially with the prospect of sitting in a group I am usually looking forward to interacting with other people. But for the purposes of this exercise I did not feel that way. I did not feel comfortable; I could only attribute this to not knowing what was expected of me. This was due to a lack of understanding of the whole week.

I felt that the dynamics of the group through observation were that similar professions sat together. Maybe this is how people felt more secure? I noticed that the Operating Departmental Practitioners integrated and interacted with the group and at times could take over conversations. This at times took it made it difficult to move onto different points as the other group members from different disciplines wanted to talk about their own experiences. I felt that in the beginning there was not a clear leader who could consolidate points and move them forward. I would have liked to have taken up the role but I am mindful of sometimes taking the role too seriously, thus damaging the group.

After completing Belbin’s team role questionnaire, we compared our results. I my result was that I was a coordinator and a resource investigator which reflects my personality.

Using Belbin’s questionnaire we discovered what team role we were. A positive from the exercise was that we were able to complete...
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