Reflection: Audience and Team Teach

Topics: Audience, Feedback, The Conclusion Pages: 4 (1135 words) Published: October 30, 2013
For the purpose of my reflection I have chosen to use Gibbs (1988) Model of Reflection. More commonly used in the healthcare profession I have chosen Gibbs because I find this model simple, clear and precise helping me to stay focused and make sense of my experience. Also as it includes action planning it has helped me examine my actions in a way that perhaps they can be improved. I have also chosen to reflect separately on the planning of the Team Teach and the Team Teach presentation. 1. Planning.

One of the planning sessions ended quite destructively as another team member began screaming and shouting at me in front of the other two members. At this time she was openly criticising me and the work I had produced for the exercise and questioning my ability to complete this course. Feelings/thoughts

I was embarrassed, mortified and angry but above all I was completely shocked by the behaviour of this other person. What caused my embarrassment more than anything was the fact that I didn’t really know any member of my group and felt belittled in front of them. Angry more at myself that I didn’t know how to react as my usual reaction would be to jump right in and ‘have a go’ back but I just sat there silently. Evaluation

At this particular meeting things didn’t go well. The outburst seemed to create an atmosphere and stopped the group working together. I felt that if I did try and contribute my suggestions were brushed aside so I stopped contributing. Things were not resolved either. I was still seething inside and simply withdrew from this other person and I left without talking to her and bringing my resentment with me. Analysis

I do believe my action or rather in-action at the time was the right thing to do. Personal integrity is a strong value of mine and I think that if I reacted in the same manner I would be letting myself down and more importantly making things worse. But it was only later that I began to question why this might...
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